Friday, April 26, 2013


From Ground Zero. We saw the stock situation, talked to coordinators & doctors and what we understood are:

  1. EnamMCH has superfluous supplies and stock of all sorts of medical essentials for the injured survivors. And more supplies from manufacturers & dealers are coming in bulks. STOP sending more supplies to EnamMCH. 
  2. Same is applicable for food and water supplies. These are also more than enough at the moment. STOP spending money on such stuffs. 
  3. It seems that from tomorrow morning, the civilian rescue workers & volunteers would be cleared off the site. The Armed Forces will start operations with heavy instruments. The concrete cutters, drill machines, hammers etc. would not be any use if the Forces are at work with bulldozers, excavators and their full logistics. STOP spending any more money on buying these equipments.
  4. Whatever your personal budget is for helping the victims, PLEASE HOLD ON TO YOUR CASH TILL TOMORROW. When the hundreds of dead bodies come in from the next phase of rescue, a new set of requirements will become essential. Please spend your money on those and aid that phase.
  5. When the victimized families are listed and their immediate rehabilitation requirements are assessed, your cash donations will come of significant help for them. So, for the moment, PLEASE HOLD ON TO YOUR CASH!! Your generosity, spirit and love for the victims must not be misused. 
The excellently coordinated & dedicated relief drives & assistance ventures of Asiatic, Smile Foundation etc. will let us know of the new requirements as soon as they become aware of those. Wait for the new posts from their end. We would also share for your information. It is amazing how fellow citizens are helping to survive the crisis. Despite all the problems, kudos to Bangladeshis!!! (Source)